Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Componere Gallery: sunday, 1 November 2015

 Scott Petty: “Impressions” (Drawings & Oil Paintings)
 Exhibition: Nov. 1–28, 2015
Sunday Reception: 2–4 p.m., Nov. 1, 2015

Scott Petty quite often finds beauty in the mundane. His choice of subject matter is frequently an ordinary scene that might go unnoticed by others. An avid bike rider, Scott uses his rides as an opportunity to scout out locations for painting, returning later to capture the scene 
in a drawing or an oil painting.

“The two groupings of recent paintings in my   Impressions exhibition reflect two of my longstanding painting interests. The first is landscapes, especially landscapes with bridges. 
My second-favorite subject is people, and for this show I’ve selected unposed people gathered in common activities.

“In addition to my identity as an artist, I am an enthusiastic bicyclist, so I often use bicycling as a resource for my work. Some of the bridge paintings in this exhibition are of impressions from images
I snapped while riding my bicycle along the Riverfront Bicycle Trail.”


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