Friday, April 18, 2014

Framations Art Gallery: Friday, 2 May 2014

Throughout the year, Framations Art Gallery features rotating exhibits by artist groups as well as solo exhibits. The next set up upcoming exhibits feature both a group of St. Louis area female artists as well as a duo of women that have recently begun showing their work together. Each of these exhibits will be on display May 2 - June 5.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, May 2 from 6 -8 pm.

The exhibit in the Main Gallery features the work of a group called The Circle of Eight, a group of eight women brought together by Natalie Fleming. In addition to Natalie, this exhibit features the work of Diana Saffo Bono, Virginia Dragschutz, Jessica Dreyer, Ethel M. Ferrett, Crystal Goldkamp, Annette McGarrahan, and Nancy M. Young.

In Gallery Two during this time, will be an exhibit titled Copper and Canvas, featuring the work of Suzanne Lowry and Susan Kunz. Susan’s bold abstract paintings and Suzanne’s contemporary copper sculpture make striking combinations without even trying. In this joint exhibit, Susan and Suzanne have paired their work to accentuate their complementary compositions even further.

Framations Custom Framing and Art Gallery
218 North Main Street
St. Charles, MO


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