Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis: Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Artists Create Billboards for Voter Mobilization in Missouri
Art! Awareness! Action!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 7 p.m. Reception to fallow in Contemporary Boardroom
Soapbox, in front of the Contemporary Art Museum, 3750 Washington, Boulevard

ART THE VOTE (ATV) is an unprecedented artist-driven effort to motivate, register and turn out Missouri voters using the work of contemporary artists to highlight the critical issues faction our state, nation and planet. ART THE VOTE will rock the roadsides this September and October with more than 70 artist-designed billboards and artist registration efforts throughout the state of Missouri. The ART THE VOTE launch will feature the unveiling of the effort’s first billboard image, an announcement of a public contest to select an additional billboard artist and the registration of voters.

Nationally renowned artists Willie Cole, Peregrine Honig, Tom Huck, Mark Newport, Martha Rosler, Annett Lemieux, and May Tveit all created original artwork for ART THE VOTE billboards.

In the tradition of art as an effective force in political activism, artists Willie Cole, Peregrine Honig, Tom Huck, Mark Newport, Martha Rosler, Annett Lemieux and May Tveit, through the ART THE VOTE initiative lend their images to accessible public spaces to encourage the public to become more aware of current issues and take action through voting.

More info: Sue McCollum at suemccollum@yahoo.com, 314-750-7900, Susan Sherman at ssdk@aol.com


Blogger Unknown said...

The Walker Art Center and mnartists.org in collaboration with The UnConvention are producing a similar project coinciding with the Democratic and Republican Conventions. The MyYardOurMessage project invites artists and designers to submit designs for political yard signs encouraging public dialog on democracy. The public will be invited to vote on the designs and the top 50 will be produced and installed in neighborhoods surrounding the conventions. Winning sign will also be available for purchase.
You can learn more about the project at www.myyardourmessage.com

Scott Sayre

5:24 PM  

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