Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Duane Reed Gallery: Friday 10 May 2019

Falling Leaves, Victor Wang
Victor Wang, Bonnie Seeman & Sam Chung
Opening Reception FRIDAY, May 10th 5 to 8 pm
May 10 - June 22, 2019

Victor Wang - "My path through life has been adventurous, exciting, and dream-like. My experience of settling into America in search of better opportunities has been both challenging and inspiring. I use the human face as a vehicle to paint human experiences - worry and wonder, sadness and pleasure - which reflect the emotional stage directly tied to my immigration experiences."

Bonnie Seeman - "I am very interested in the utilitarian object and how it can be used as a means of narration. My work blends the macabre with the beautiful, which acts as a metaphor for the fragility and resiliency of life. By using my interest in morphology and anatomy I present the viewer with a detailed examination of the living structures of the natural world. The juxtaposition of the botanical and anatomical elements can simultaneously be jarring, disquieting, and beautiful. This dichotomy also enhances the tactile quality of the work enticing personal interaction with the viewer."

Sam Chung - "I work within the context of the vessel to exploit its universal identity and impart my own vision of merging historical, contemporary and cultural influences... Clouds are a ubiquitous symbol depicted in traditional Korean art. I am interested in the way in which clouds represent a phenomenon that is constantly in flux. Their nature to morph and adapt is similar to the way in which I relate to my own floating sense of identity. These cultural references are intended to serve as an anchor to point towards my own ethnic lineage, but also question my perception of belonging within or outside of it."

4729 McPherson Ave
Saint Louis MO 63108


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