Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bruno David Gallery: Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bruno David presents 5 exhibitions by Carmon Colangelo, Jacob Laws, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Frank Schwaiger, and Monika Wulfers.
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 30, 2017, from 5 to 9 pm
Exhibitions Dates: March 30 – April 29, 2017
Gallery Talk with the artists: Saturday, April 22 at 4 pm

CARMON COLANGELO Here be Dragons: Below the Fold
JACOB LAWS Pilferage

In Gallery 1 and 2, the gallery presents an exhibition titled “Here be Dragons: Below the Fold” of recent prints by Carmon Colangelo. Here be Dragons: Below the Fold is an exhibition of monotype relief prints by Carmon Colangelo responding our current political environment and the precariousness of our contemporary condition waters in the age of social media. This series of work expands on Colangelo’s personal taxonomy of images and ongoing daily practice of mapping and recording ephemeral information to respond visually and physically to the notion of global connectivity and our networked communities. Derived from hand drawings and digital processes combined with chance operations, found materials and printing from discarded laser cut plates from architectural models, the result is a generative series of colorful, haptic and playful works intended to express ideas about the anxieties, fears, and instability experienced around the world. The phrase Here be Dragons, first appeared on the Lenox globe in 1510 as a marker for dangerous and uncharted waters ahead.

Carmon Colangelo is a pioneering printmaker whose work combines surrealism and abstraction with the exploration of art history, science, and technology. His imagery presents a playful odyssey that references the meta-narratives of art history and is contingent on the juxtaposition of utopian ideals of modernism with the aesthetics of surrealism and conceptual art. An enduring feature of Colangelo's work is the unraveling of free-floating symbols and texts in an aggressive exploitation of various print media. He challenges conventional readings, producing disorienting spatial topologies and striking visual poetics. His images may swing from the obsessively personal to the openly topical, allowing disparate formal structures and semiotics to inspire the production of remarkable forms that are somehow freed from the preceding visual context and grammar.

In Gallery 3, the gallery is pleased to present Jacob Laws’ “Pilferage,” an innovative view of the merging of art with design. The exhibition will feature the works of a wide range of artists represented by the gallery. His unique vision brings a connection between separate aesthetics in a collaboration that could otherwise seem like a collection of misfit pieces; instead, a transformation of space into a creation of wonder, fluidity and enlightenment. This success lies in connecting components and the space they inhabit in such a way as to create a growing, ever-evolving bond between design, individual, and art.

In Gallery 4, the gallery presents an exhibition of recent prints titled “On the Move” by Yvette Drury Dubinsky. Dubinsky is known for her innovative combinations of drawing, print, alternative photography, and found objects. In her latest series of prints, Dubinsky meditates on the change and destruction occurring now in Syria, a place where she traveled just before the beginning of the ongoing civil war, and where she is still in contact with friends. She makes collages and installations, skillfully integrating works on paper using a round format, with silhouettes’ figures within a map, and a sociopolitical relevance. Her artwork draws on her observations about the ongoing refugee’s displacement around the world.

In Gallery 5, the gallery presents a sculpture by Frank Schwaiger titled “Ondine.” Frank Schwaiger is currently having a solo exhibition “Recent Works” at our second location – Bruno David Projects. The location in The Grove is open by appointment only.

In the Window on Forsyth space, the gallery presents “Open Lights” by Monika Wulfers. This exhibition can be seen all day and all night from the outside and, will be on view through April 29, 2017. Monika Wulfers explores the concept of line in minimalist sculptures and paintings, as well as computer-generated images and constructs. Various representations of lines and shapes created by lines are seen in her work, which draws upon spatial and temporal constructs. She uses two and three dimensions to examine the line and our perception of it.

Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm Thursday 10 am – 7 pm Friday 10 am – 5 pm Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, and by appointment. Free parking is available at the indoor and outdoor parking structures behind the gallery via the Lee Avenue entrance Handicapped visitors should use the indoor parking by Lee Avenue entrance and use the elevator to First Floor. Metro St. Louis - Forsyth station is a 3 minute walk

Bruno David Gallery
7513 Forsyth Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105


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