Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Owen Armour: En gang runt sin egen axel

December 6 - 31, 2013

 September 16 - October 10, 2013
Opening Reception: September 16, 6pm-8pm

Copenhagen based acoustic artist Owen Armour often records silence, that is, the ambient sounds he finds in sublime landscapes, like a recent project in Greenland Traces of Pressure, 2013. Records from his journey are incorporated into sculptures and play out in an infinite loop. The Recordings are primarily made as a search for a silence, not for sounds per se, in a place so desolate only the foolhardy venture. For his show at Isolation Room, Armour takes recordings from inside a version of the Gallery Kit (constructed in Copenhagen over the 2013 summer) and replays them in the original construction built in St Louis. For Armour silence is often beyond reach, a phantom, a copy and a facsimile. Here silence is a record of the sound produced inside one volume playing inside another physical volume then cancelled out, cubed and dubbed over. 

5723 Dewey Ave. 1st floor 
St. Louis, MO 63116
By appointment only


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