Thursday, April 07, 2011

Good Citizen Gallery: Friday, 10 June 2011

Opening Reception, Friday June 10 - 6-10 pm
June 10 - July 9 2011

partly cloudy with a chance of scattered showers will feature the work of Mimi Kato. Her photographs deal with subjects and formats from historical Japanese art which traditionally depict seasons, nature, and landscapes crowded with people acting out the stories of each era. Adding her own contemporary twist and drawing upon her own childhood memories, Kato creates hybrid landscapes where her contemporary narratives reveal themselves.

Kato plays the roll of each character in these narratives herself. She sews the costumes, creates the scene, and directs the narrative, creating what she refers to as "one person theater". Her poses and gestures are influenced by the theatrical performances of Japanese comedy (Kyogen) and the contemporary Butoh style. The narratives in her photographs are based on stereotypes, extracting typical routines, accidents, and misadventures, which summarize common stories from the Japanese press. Examples of Mimi Kato's work can be found at

Gallery Hours Fri., Sat. Noon - 5pm and by appointment

Good Citizen Gallery
2247 Gravois Ave,
St. Louis MO, 63104-2852


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