Wednesday, June 03, 2009

RAC Gallery: Friday, 12 June 2008

Using the social networking web site Twitter, KWMU, the Regional Arts Commission, and the River City Professionals will come together for an art opening and dedication ceremony and to learn about how Twitter can facilitate communications and learning in the art community. Participants will interact with each other and the art work by "tweeting" their answers to a question related to several of the works of art.

The exhibition opens on June 12, along with the tweet up, at 5:30 pm and features paintings, collages, works on paper and an installation. After the exhibit, head to the roof of the new Moonrise Hotel for a special Art Rac Tweet-Up cocktail.

Curator Thomas Reed features five teams of artists, each including an established and a budding artist: Lisa Bulawski & Amity Faith Herrera; Cameron Fuller & Charlotte Reed; Steve Kelly & Jacob Torres; Belinda Lee & Lauren Fields; Amy Thompson & Celeste Gardner

Picasso once said: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." The exhibition "Time Well Spent" documents the collaboration between artists from each category: five established artists and five budding artists, ages 6 to 17. Although different in age and experience, the pairs worked together as peers rather than as teacher and student. "I wanted them to influence each other with their different approaches," said Tom Reed, the curator of the exhibition. "The goal was to give equal significance to the process of the collaboration as to the work that resulted from it."

"Collaboration offers the opportunity to step outside yourself, outside your comfort zone, into the new or unfamiliar," said Lisa Bulawsky, one of the participating artists. "But it also forces connections and commonalities to arise. Faith and I began our work together by imaging the mundane as a common point. As the work has continued to develop, those images have evolved to encompass a reflection of our collaborative process itself."

Additionally, a dedication ceremony for a new public art piece, which will flank the entryway to RAC's Cultural Resource Center, will take place at 6 p.m. The work, titled Support System, was commissioned in celebration of the Center's fifth anniversary and underscores RAC's ongoing commitment to public art and local artists.


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