Monday, November 13, 2006

Hunt Gallery: 17 November 2006

Megan and Murray McMillan
Bruc Fugue

Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 2006
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Cecille R. Hunt Gallery presents Bruc Fugue a new work by visiting artists Megan and Murray McMillan.

Megan and Murray McMillan collaborate to create videos and installations that blend sculpture and performance. Each work contains fabricated structures, lighting and costumed performers that are designed with both highly crafted elements such as walls engineered to move, and spontaneous elements such as unrehearsed choreography. Bruc Fugue is an audio and video installation that plays on the idea of a fugue, which has two disparate meanings, both psychological and musical. A dissociative fugue is a rare condition in which a person suddenly, without planning or warning, travels far from home or work and leaves behind a past life. In music, a fugue is a contrapuntal form in which a subject theme (‘part’ or ‘voice’) is introduced and then extended and developed through some number of successive imitations.

Bruc Fugue invokes both meanings through a dreamlike video exploration of memory and childhood, seen through the lens of highly crafted cast-off trash collected on hikes through the mountainous Spanish village of El Bruc. The audio portion of the work is a composed vocal fugue, sung to the text of a poem written exclusively with the words of a found pamphlet on nuclear contamination. Together the audio and video installation attempts to evoke a meditation on remembrance, cast-offs, and the overlaps between.

The exhibition will run from November 17 – December 15, 2006
Cecille R. Hunt Gallery, Visual Arts Studio, is located at 8342 Big Bend Blvd.


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