Friday, September 13, 2013

Gallery 210: Saturday, 14 Septembeer 2013

Sarah Frost: SITE
September 14 to December 7, 3013

Gallery 210 opens Sarah Frost: SITE on September 14 with an artist talk starting at 4PM  followed by a reception from 5PM to 7PM.

Primarily an installation artist, Frost often works with discarded or unwanted items, repurposing and bringing new life into the objects, while simultaneously preserving traces of the objects' former utility. An imposing structure arcing across the entire gallery, SITE is a curvilinear architectural form comprised of hundreds of bamboo poles bound together with strips of white fabric torn from discarded sheets, curtains and clothing. Inspired by bamboo scaffolding that Frost saw in a trip to China, SITE rests upon a carpet of soil that fills the entire gallery.

SITE also examines the idea of legacy and leaving traces behind. As viewers step about the structure, fragments of history are revealed- a stain on a lashing, speckling on a piece of bamboo, a clothing tag. Yet as these pieces are being discovered, legacy is being created by the viewers themselves, their footprints in the dirt leaving traces of their own history. In addition, SITE explores themes of strength and vulnerability. As one first walks in, SITE bears resemblance to a military fortress, with spur-like bamboo poles jutting out aggressively into the viewers' space. However, when one rounds the bend, the mood changes; much like a hedgehog, viewers are treated to the softer, unarmed underbelly, as their role shifts from the enemy being protected against to the one being protected.

The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
 Gallery 210
University of Missouri- St. Louis
44 East drive
TCC between the North UM-St. Louis Metro Station and Touhill Performing Arts Center.
(314) 516-5976 
For parking locations, directions, and campus map please visit Campus. Handicapped parking is available behind Gallery 210.


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