Thursday, October 28, 2010

Luminary Center for the Arts: Friday, 12 November 2010

Opening reception: Friday, November 12th from 6-9pm
On view November 13, 2010 - December 17, 2010
Wednesday-Saturday from 12-6pm

The Luminary Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the international group exhibition Forecast, which opens with a free opening reception on Friday, November 12th from 6-9pm. Forecast brings together five artists focused around the themes of prediction, anxiety about the future and the ways we use science and technology to manage and approximate these perceived futures.

Forecastis the final exhibition in our 2010 Answer Factory series focusing on how information is shaping our contemporary culture. The artists included are working in a wide range of media from video and sound pieces to fabricated neon and dice games. Amy Reidel will contribute multimedia work overlaying meteorology, weather patterns and personal narratives into an evocative series on the instability of expectations. Mara Baker’s sculptural works catalogue changing perceptions, moods and emotions in a pseudo-scientific personal laboratory constructed of crude materials and fragile tools of measurement. Katja Mater’s Cumulus transfers the narrative of weather patterns from the sky to books and again into video. Amanda Yates has created a project called Ways the World May End that presents ‘likely’ scenarios of how and when life could end on earth­in the form of a board game. Jo-Anne Balcan’s film and neon pieces repeat a similar sentiment, suggesting an end without given any context or end goal.

Installation Space: Lindsey Stouffer: “Scribe”

St. Louis-based sculptor Lindsey Stouffer will open Scribe, a new site-responsive installation inspired by the writings of Walter Benjamin and the Islamic belief that at birth we are each assigned two scribe angels to record our all of our actions; one our good deeds and one our transgressions. The installation will expand on this duality, making use of sculpture, photography and projection to reconstruct a life.

Scribe combines elements of Stouffer’s large-scale sculpture with a personal narrative of objects found in her alleyway, this personal-historical tension remaining in balance throughout the installation. Just as 35mm slides and detritus are paired with monumental forms, Benjamin’s ‘angel of history’ is presented with the physical remainder of a single persons life.


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