Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Soulard Art Market & Contemporary Art Gallery: Friday-Saturday, 12-13 June 2009

Curiosa Elegante
"The art of sensual imagination"

The art of sensual imagination is Erica Kavanagh's attempt to paint the answers to the forever elusive questions of sensuality. Capturing on canvas, those fleeting moments which describe a universal sensuality, appreciated by both men and women alike but for different reasons.

How often do we look into the mirror and focus on the things we want to change about our reflection? What if instead of thinking change, we embraced those things? The human figure is one of Gods masterpieces. In all shapes, sizes, and colors, we are each perfectly unique and beautiful. Kavanagh's paintings portray those all-too-brief moments when inner beauty shines the brightest. Emotional moments which do not derive strength from aesthetic appeal alone. Kavanagh evokes this emotion by skillfully manipulating the relationships between color and value, shape and space, movement and balance. Substituting a conventional way of copying nature with interpretation, Kavanagh's work ignites an emotion in each viewer while communication with all.

Friday and Saturday June 12&13, 2009-6pm to 10pm

At the S.A.M. Annex
Next door to: Soulard Art Market & Contemporary Gallery

Soulard Art Market
2028 S. 12th Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104


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