Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ellen Curlee Gallery: Thursday, 6 Spetember 2007

COHESION: textiles + photography
September 6 ­ October 20, 2007

Opening reception: Thursday September 6, 2007 6-9 pm
Special Reception: In conjunction with the opening of the Innovations in Textiles Symposium, Friday September 14, 2007
Gallery Talk: Innovations in Textiles Saturday, September 15, 2007

The exhibition explores the relationship between photography and textiles through the work of two artists: Luanne Rimel and Liz Rideal. Each artist deals with the disparate disciplines of photography and textiles, weaving very personal visual stories yet approaching their work with different intent and through very different processes.

British artist Liz Rideal is interested in taking photographs of objects that we collectively agree as beautiful, and re-presenting them: Finding a modern medium for doing something very old. In her “Drapery” series, she uses a machine, the photo-booth, to photograph translucent silks and layers of pulled tulle. She then mounts the strips on board and re-photographs them. The result is art that is pure lyrical sensuality, in the tradition of hand-made-ness, yet stressing a medium that is all about mechanical standardization. Personal references underlie the surface patterns and textures of the pieces.

St. Louis artist Luanne Rimel is interested in the passage of time as evidenced by the lingering memories associated with objects. The routine domestic tasks of women are photographed and printed on cotton dishtowels, capturing the ephemeral through abstracted portraits of a moment. She also incorporates stitched text and other sewn elements as a way to mark time and reference the history of the cloth. Her work is a hauntingly beautiful reminder of the lives of our mothers and our grandmothers in a not so distant past.

The Ellen Curlee Gallery is located at 1308-A Washington Avenue in the Washington Avenue loft district. Hours are 11:00am to 4pm Tuesday-Saturday and 11:00am to 9pm on First Fridays, the first Friday of each month. Tel (314) 241-1299.


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