Monday, August 27, 2007

Studio Altius: 22 September 2007

Studio Altius – The Sète Set
Opening reception September 22 from 6pm-11pm.

While known internationally for his stained glass, sculpture, abstract paintings, and folk music, Terry Corcoran will be presenting a unique and unified show in "The Sète Set". This collection is a series of never before seen paintings exploring the connection of experience between Mr. Corcoran and the French poet Paul Valéry relating to the famous graveyard in the seaside town of Sète in southeastern France. This place is the subject of one of Valéry's masterpieces "Le cimetière marin" and is also the subject for Corcoran's collection.

Studio Altius
3518-1 Greenwood Boulevard
Maplewood, Missouri 63143


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