Thursday, November 30, 2006

William Shearburn Gallery: 1 December 2006

Andrew Millner: Biophilia

38:39:8.5N 90:18:46.4W (brown/turquoise cherry), 2005. Lightjet print mounted on plex, 45 x 33 inches

What would it be like to draw every leaf of a tree? Andrew Millner asks that question, and Biophilia is his answer. His new work, opening at the William Shearburn Gallery on December 1st, investigates in excruciating detail the wondrous contours of living things. Biophilia, (literally, attracted to the living), chronicles his investigations of endless, sinuous shapes of leaves, trees, and plants, reducing living things to their outlines. The French painter Manet said, "There are no lines in nature," but Millner belies that notion. He sees the garden exclusively as lines, the idiosyncrasies of his hand doggedly following the endless variety of botanical forms.

Reception for the Artist
Friday, December 1, 2006
6 - 8 PM
Exhibition continues through January 6 , 2007.


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