Monday, February 02, 2015

Mildred M. Cox Gallery: Thursday, 5 February 2015


Landscapes & Junkscapes by Sarah Carmody
Opening: Thursday, 2/5 4-6PM at the Mildred M. Cox Gallery, William Woods University, Fulton MO. Show runs through 3/2. 

This show is an amalgamation of works created over the past 4 years which examine the degree to which humankind is part of the natural world. Some of the images personify elements of nature by seeking out “human” qualities and applying human references to them. Conversely, human-made "junkscapes" emulate elements of nature. In all instances, as photographer, Carmody assumes the role of "creator" by extracting "vignettes" of existence and manipulating them as desired; while at the same time being a documentarian/recorder of what has already been created. 

The  images are captured using a technique called high dynamic range (HDR) a technique that produces the perception of exaggerated detail and tonal range. HDR is achieved by shooting the same image at various exposures, combining them, and then selectively enhancing and de-emphasizing elements as desired. The images are then printed on either metallic paper or actual metal which imbue the images with a luminescent, three-dimensional quality.

Driving directions to the university and map to the gallery:


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