Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Duane Reed Gallery: Friday, 12 September 2014

Opening September 12th through October 18th

Repetition, Rhythm, Pattern
an exhibition curated by Jane Sauer

featuring the works of
Giles Bettison • Katherine Glover • Luanne Rimel •Erica Rosenfeld • Harue Shimomoto

Duane Reed Gallery invites you to Repetition, Rhythm, Pattern, an exhibition curated by Jane Sauer showcasing 5 artists’ passion, or otherwise obsession, with repetition. Exhibition opens Friday, September 12th with a reception that evening 5 – 8pm. The exhibition will run through October 18th. Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10-5pm.

Repetition is a pervasive theme in art: rhythm, pattern, refrain, echo, chorus. It is intrinsic within the human condition to practice, copy, and imitate in order to learn, understand, and grow. Science has demonstrated the overwhelming richness of repetition in the elements of nature. Repetition is a thread throughout our experience in which the single unit multiplied becomes a new substance stronger than its pieces, but wholly representative of the essence and potential of the individual thing. Are artists who study repetition seeking the comfort of conformity, predictablility, or cohesiveness, or rather participating in an exploration of innate design and transformative growth?

Repetition, Rhythm, Pattern exhibits 5 artists’ thematic variations in which the act of repetition goes beyond the objects themselves and can create a spectrum of experiences, from peace and tranquility to an impression of noisy syncapations.

Also opening September 12th through October 18th

Monroe Hodder

Monroe Hodder's recent paintings are grounded in a structure of stripes, a repetitive pattern that edges one layer against the next and gives an evenness of attention to the surface of the painting. While the visually layered work is not narrative, it is rooted in urban and natural metaphor and in a personal expression of fantasy, myth,  and belief. Paint is sometimes thickly kneaded into crusty piles; at other times the canvas seems drenched in liquid pools. About her work, she  says: “The essence of my work is pure color, as Matisse understood it, color that “must serve expression.” Like Matisse, I want to express “the nearly religious feeling” that emanates from “sensuous life, from flowers, figures, fruit on a table, and warmth of the sun.” Hodder currently lives and works in both New York and Colorado.

4729 McPherson Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63108


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