Thursday, October 03, 2013

Old Orchard Gallery: Friday, 18 October 2013

You are invited to's "33October"
October 18th 5:30-10PM  
Featuring Tony Albrecht, Kathy Allen, Andrew Andrasko, AU, Phil Berwick, John Blair, Brittany Cannon, Will Carlson, Salena Carter, Lauren Collins, James Cooper, Dana Colcleasure, Pamela Devine, April Dill, J C Evans, Thomas Fleming, Elinor Gaddy, Alice Gardner, Leah Givens, Berta Goldgaber, Jim Horne, JoAnn Houle, Ronald D. Isom, Kahlil Irving, Brittany Kastner, Martha Klump, Jane Reed, John Salozzo, Jennifer Sarti, Stella Spalt, Cam Vancely, Linda Wein, and Mark Witzling.

The Old Orchard Gallery
39 South Old Orchard
Webster Groves


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