Friday, January 04, 2013

Urban Eats: Sunday, 20 Janary 2013

Hosting new Exhibit by Ashli England
Sunday January 20th 2013, 11-2pm

Interpretations of a Daydream:

When I envision myself painting, my thoughts are taken to a place of fantasy and imagination.  Images are constantly forming certain situations, events , persons and colors some that I’ve experienced, other unconsciously seen. In a daydream I may observe the simplest of thoughts under the known sun, or witness happenings of the abstract and beyond.I was born an artist, seeking outlets of creativity in every direction. Daydreaming has always helped me by ensuring me a place to create.As I approached my adulthood I began to hone in on the mediums that spoke to me. Painting became my primary and makeup/costume my secondary. The feeling I get through these expressions assures me that it is my calling to express, create and share. To share my work is irreplaceable. When others express what they have felt from my work, it nourishes the essence of my artistic inspiration… "Be open, Receive". I smile at all this, as I'm reminded that I must be daydreaming.

Urban Eats
3301 Meramec St.
Stl 63118


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