Monday, August 09, 2010

Good Citizen Gallery: Friday, 10 September 2010

Opening Reception Friday, Sept. 10, 6-10pm
Sept. 10 - Oct. 9, 2010

Good Citizen will be hosting The Asynchronous Array, an installation of kinetic work by Pittsburgh based artist Keny Marshall. Marshall utilizes electric motors, surplus equipment, and scrap hardware for hand built kinetic/robotic devices that investigate the relationship between humans and technology. His installations, with their transparent inner workings, act in sharp contrast to the increasing invisibility of our current technology.

For The Asynchronous Array, Marshall will be creating a habitat for small homemade sound emitting electronic devices. The robotic devices will interact with each other using a set of simple rules as a guideline for behavior. However, when an observer approaches these devices, they will have a direct impact upon them, interacting with the system as a whole. A synchronous system in computer architecture typically consists of operations under a strict centralized control. Allowing human interaction as a determining factor for behavior, The Asynchronous Array will follow a system more closely related to the human world. A system consisting of a reactive jumble of inputs and outputs, each vying for your attention, with direct impact upon one another.

Gallery Hours Fri., Sat. Noon - 5pm and by appointment

Good Citizen Gallery
2247 Gravois Ave,
St. Louis MO 63104-2852


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