Monday, August 16, 2010

Bruno David Gallery: Friday, 10 September 2010

September 10 – November 6, 2010
Opening Reception Friday, September 10, from 6 to 9 pm
Front Room: Gary Passanise
Project Room: Iris Nesher
Media Room: Barry Anderson

Bruno David Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Kelley Johnson. The exhibition Recent Paintings includes paintings of complex abstract landscapes. A fully illustrated color catalogue with writings by James Yood and Vara Lyons accompany the exhibition.

Completely removed from an earthly environment, the artist’s works present vibrantly, at times disturbingly, chaotic other worlds of raw energy and emotion. Yet underneath the jarring tones and clashing lines, his works retain a discipline, depth and meticulously impromptu nature characteristic of figurative conventions. Inspired by the manipulation of space and emotions, Johnson’s canvases present an overall effect of disorder so effectively controlled and manipulated that its thoughtful planning becomes invisible in the process. A

In the Project Room, Iris Nesher presents In the Dark Rooms, a series of photographs that investigates the very essence of female creativity. Nesher produces provocative, hauntingly beautiful photographs of a selection of female writers, poets, and playwrights of various cultural and religious backgrounds.

In the Front Room, the gallery presents "The Sky Is No Longer The Limit - Constructions and Proposals” by Gary Passanise. These small, mixed-media constructions contain ideas in miniature, revealing unsettling, unstable environments within. Grappling with the evolution of the American dream and the uncertainty of contemporary times, we are compelled to explore new possibilities and re-consider the path of our history.

In the Media Room, video artist Barry Anderson presents a three-channel video entitled Totem (1). This new work, created in 2010, depicts, at a distance, a turbulent tornado against a yellow ochre sky, overtaking a Midwestern landscape reminiscent of Dorothy’s Kansas. Upon closer inspection, a mass of swirling faces overwhelmed by this natural force becomes visible.



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