Friday, April 02, 2010

White Flag Projects: Saturday, 24 April 2010

"Greg Stimac" exhibition opening
SATURDAY APRIL 24, 7 – 10 pm

A first-generation American, Greg Stimac's photography is deeply engaged with the residues of the broad American continent and its myths. Operating in the tradition of the road narrative, Stimac traverses the country documenting what's found at the periphery of each journey as often as what's to be found at his destination. For one untitled series (annotated only by the cities at his departure and arrival), Stimac attaches small sheets of Plexiglas to his car in order to render constellation-like scans of the dead bugs and detritus he passes through, underscoring the small-scale grit and carnage intrinsic to each trip. Similarly, in his photographic series Bottle of Piss the artist's emphasis is on the margins, focusing on containers of bodily waste littering the roadside rather than the bucolic vistas behind them. The exhibition also includes Stimac's three channel color video Untitled (White Mustangs), in which the car horns of three identical Ford Mustangs are strained to the point of collapse, their initial chorus fading as each vehicle stutters and recedes into separate and distinct death rattles. When taken together with his photographs of Old West hideouts and inanimate buffalo surrogates, Stimac's art distills what continues to resonate in both the pathos and potential of a desiccated American mythology.

4568 Manchester Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63110


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