Friday, March 05, 2010

Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts: Saturday, 13 March 2010

BRICALEUR-ing: An inquiry into the profundity & resourcefulness of Female Transformateurs

During this March all-lady art show, curated by Sarah Paulsen and Lyndsey Scott, the Fort Gondo gallery space will also serve as a creative laboratory-- hosting a sound portal, movie night, womens’ circle, and workshop for a Cherokee Street public art installation …. All powered by community connection and female ingenuity.

A *bricaleur* “describes the style of approach exemplified by a tinkerer or a jack of all trades... comfortable in unfamiliar realms of learning and experience because they learn best by using indirect connections to known information… They try things out until they figure out how to do something.” We celebrate the way women gather, nurture, and shape space!

MARCH 13-28, 2010

Gina Alvarez, Catherine Cathers, Katherine Gastler, Sarah Brunjes Hall, Emily Hemeyer, Kara Clark Holland, Jamie Kreher, Christy LeMaster,
Jenny Murphy, Lisa Payne, Sarah Paulsen, Lyndsey Scott, Amy Thompson, Amy VonDonsel, Autumn Wiggins, Ann-Maree Walker.

*Calendar of public events: *
** denotes an event exclusively “For women!”
* denotes a “Yin” event ­ for all genders, so long as your feminine side’s leading

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, March 13 / 5pm-9pm
Meet the artists and make your mark on the WonderJardin! Feel free to bring black, green, and floral fabrics or fabric paint for the quilt

**NEW MOON CIRCLE & Potluck: Monday, March 15 / 7:30pm ­ 10pm
Share food, dreams, and intentions with other women, facilitated by Cayree Dobsch

*MAKE NIGHT: Monday, March 22 / 6pm ­ 10pm
Powerhouse community quilting bee ­women and girls of all ages welcome!

*SOUND PORTAL : Thursday, March 25 / 8pm
Ghosts I Have Been, Larva, and Annah of Bangerang each play short sets, and then play hostesses-with-the-mostesses to an interactive jam that traipses thru found city sound recordings, wields noisey ‘lekky toys, pulses refreshlingly ambient, or cackles funky folky. All ya’lls inner banshees welcome!

“Broad Shoulders” FILM SCREENING : Friday, March 26 / 8pm
Christy LeMaster of Nightengale Microcinema presents a curated line-up of Chicago-bred eclectic shorts all with “a prettiness built out of utility.”

WONDERJARDIN INSTALLATION : Sunday, March 28 / Meet @ 11am
Show up at the gallery with your picnic basket to find out the locale and let’s head out to inaugurate the World-St. Louis’ Biggest Picnic Blanket ever!

For more information, please email Lyndsey Scott or Sarah Paulsen.


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