Thursday, September 04, 2008

Craft Alliance: Friday, 12 September 2008

Exhibit Opening – Three Dimensions of Expression: Mind on Clay Matter

Opening Reception Friday September 12, 5–8
September 5–October 26, 2008

The three artists showcased in this exhibition are, Victor Spinski, Newark, DE; Joe Bova, Santa Fe, NM; and Roy Strassberg, Davidson, NC. All three are leading artists in the clay medium, exhibiting a mastery of the material and a strong conceptual basis for their work.

Three Dimensions of Expression is curated by James Tanner, a clay artist himself, who has known each of the artists for over thirty years. “Each (of the) artists share a fierce energy, and are rebels of their own brand reflecting strong individual attitudes toward life, moving ideas forward, asking questions and suggesting potential” says Tanner. He also states “Strassberg’s work is inspired from the Holocaust, Spinski’s creations are seductive, poetic and deceptive and Joe Bova’s works are filled with mystery.” Executive Director, Boo McLoughlin states, “Three Dimensions of Expression: Mind on Clay Matter surprises the viewer with the vast range of clay to convey narrative content and plastic form. It is hard to fathom that Joe Bova’s mystic animals are made from the same material as Victor Spinski’s industrial tools or Roy Strassberg’s echoing bones. Their work is by turns humorous, playful and forceful in its commentary on the human condition."

Running concurrently, through August 24 in the David and Jacqueline Charak Gallery, Inside/Out: A profile of Awareness, James L. Tanner solo exhibition. Tanner is known for his abstract reliefs in which the human face is the central element. “I use the human image of the face as a vehicle to suggest psychological, emotional and spiritual being beneath the surface of a masked landscape” says Tanner.


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